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I'm finally back at my apartment for the semester. School starts tommorrow and I ended up with work on all weekdays, oh boy.

Yesterday, I came back to find...

It's like Christmas, but again. The green package is from denkimouse, the one below that is from mizuhokusanagi. The other package is from eBay. Usually when packages go to the office due to being too big to fit in the little mail holes, they get the apartment number written on them, as you can see with "102". They didn't do it to the green package,that's so nice of them. PokeCenter bags are pretty~

First, the eBay package:
It's Yui!
The back. Gah, blurry!

Next package comes with a warning:
Darn! The surprise is ruined!!11

Too cute~! I honestly thought clearfiles would be stiffer, like pencilboards are.

Next package opened:
I laughed because this thing is big, bigger than the other plush I have. They weren't lying when it said 30cm tall. I've been hoping for a Pan plush that could be easily hugged. Now to get the other 2 SuperDX Pans...and the tomys...and the...

Mommy and baby ;o; (and Fukuoka)

I'm going to make a proper update post on pkmncollectors sometime soon. I still need to take some better pics for my dorky Pokemon toy site. lol
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