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I'm not doing much but staying at home and watching creepy shows and movies. ;3

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So this afternoon, I went with mom to the craft store. It was good to get out of the house at least. I didn't get anything, but i did see some really nice textured paper. I might use those for badges or just as textures for digital stuff. I never saw any art markers for sale as individuals. Lame.

Late afternoon, me and my parents went out for dinner at this seafood restaurant. So gooood~

Now for a meme:
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whoa I haven't updated in a while let me fix that

Nothing much has been going on since there isn't much to do around here and no one to bring me anywhere during the day. baaaww

Also, couldn't really get to sleep, a lot of crap is keeping me up. Ugh. :\  So I only had an hour or so of sleep, ah well.
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Well, I got back home from vacation, it was fun. I'll have to do a small write-up later on. Too lazy. :C

While on the plane, I was drinking some cold coke when one of my teeth where hurting from drinking the said coke. It happened again at home with a popcicle. I checked the symtoms online, and at worse something would be run with my tooth pulp that I would need a root canal. ORZ

So I called the dentist this morning and went in (half-soaked becuase it was raining hard) and had him check it. Good news is that it's just sensitivity and I should start brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste, oh joy.
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Looks like the encoding on the page titles are broke. I can't even find where to edit them anymore, aaarrrgghhh.
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meme and rambling

Pokemon Friending Meme

Lately, I've been going to bed at around 2-4am. So I end up waking up at 1-3pm. This makes me feel really lazy and wasting the day. My excuse is that it's too hot to anything outside anyway. My room also gets stuffy if my loud-ass AC isn't on.

I want to start walking around the block so I won't be all lardy from sitting here. :T